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AL Festival 2019 w/ Lekhfa, Wael Alkak, Spatzhabibi u.a.

AL Festival 2019 w/ Lekhfa, Wael Alkak, Spatzhabibi u.a.

Welcome to /AL\BerlinFestival2019!

A whole night of the newest tunes from Berlin and the Contemporary Music Scene in the Middle East.


*LEKHFA - Live Concert -*
Maryam Saleh: Vocals
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Vocals & Oud
Maurice Louca: Keys & Guitar
Elie Afif: Bass
Khaled Yassine: Drums
Ayman Mabrouk: Percussions
LEKHFA is the creation of Maryam Saleh, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh and Maurice Louca. Well-established solo artists of the independent Arab music scene who work from Egypt. LEKFHA creates one in a life time mixture of political music, Cairo working class music ("Shaabi"), electro-Shaabi, psychedelia and pop as well as the use of instruments such as slide guitars, oud, Buzuq and beat loops. The bands lyrics are by the Egyptian poet Mido Zoheir. Together with the interplay between the captivating voices of Maryam Saleh and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, LEKHFA creates an exciting, unmistakable sound.


*Wael Alkak - LIVE -*

Independent artist Damascus-born, Wael Alkak is an experienced author of unique electronic music that combines genres and cultures. Practicing a multitude of instruments such as bouzouki, percussions, saxophone and keyboards, and digital music.

Wael Alkak participated in the first pacifist demonstrations in 2011. As a result of these events, he composed his first musical album: Neshama, a contemporary collective project that interprets traditional rhythms in electronic versions, combining folk music with classical Arabic, inspired from revolutionary anthems born from pacifist demonstrations.


It’s been a while now since Spatz Habibi was an insider tip only shared between a small number of well-informed audiophiles and music nerds. With probably most mind-boggling collection of vinyl in Berlin, the Anglo-German duo quickly outgrew the local alternative club scene and went on to play festival dancefloors and underground parties across Europe. Over the course of their journey, the sound of Spatz Habibi has become synonymous with a disregard for convention and a love of the unexpected. Since founding their label Polychrome Sounds in 2015 they have been inviting musicians and DJ from all over the world to play at their special concerts and parties, developing a defining influence on the curation and cultivation of leftfield music in Germany and beyond.


*DJ Hilwi*
Rasha Hilwi is a Palestinian writer, journalist and editor, events manager and a DJ. She was born in the city of Akka and now based in Berlin. With the name of DJ Hilwi, she plays music and songs from East, West and South Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. She believes that DJing is a form of storytelling, as music and songs tell the stories of their places and people, even the non told stories that hide in dance or even music produced for mere entertainment.


A fresh and festive project that marries traditional music with 90’s Arabic pop, and an original rhythmic/textural approach. Elie & Khaled, who are both at the forefront of today’s Arabic music scene, joined forces to create a unique UpBeat “Arabic” dance-music experience. Elie Afif: Bass/keys/electronics Khaled Yassine: drums/percussion/electronics


*DJ Twist Fire*:
Twist Fire is a Berlin based American musician/DJ. She plays a variation of dance and experimental electronic music. Twist Fire blends soft, bright house into harder techno jabs twisting fervid energy into dance fire.



Veranstaltungen (28.09.2019 - 28.09.2019)




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