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International Education Management, Master International Education Management

Studienort, Standort
Master International Education Management
Master of Arts
6 Semester
Mastertyp nach Kultusministerkonferenz

Was ist "International Education Management"?

The international Master Program INEMA “International Education Management” started in 2010 at the Institute of Educational Leadership at the Ludwigsburg University of Education. It is an extra-occupational master study program based on a modern student-oriented teaching/learning design to meet the requirements of students balancing their job and learning needs and career perspectives. The program is shaped by the following main characteristics:

Reform & Change Qualification for Education Systems: The overall aim of INEMA is to qualify young professionals as experts in international education management. They are enabled to identify, initiate and guide necessary and sustainable reform processes in the education sector in an intercultural environment.

Internationality: Internationality and intense exchange across cultures are key pillars of the joint degree program of the Ludwigsburg University of Education and Helwan University, Cairo, in cooperation with DAAD, GIZ and ministries in Germany and Egypt. The program started as a German-Arab program, but was developed to now work beyond this scope. While students from the MENA region and from developing countries make up a significant portion of the participants, students and alumni come from around the globe. Alumni also are appointed across Europe, Africa, Asia and America. For the past years, the selection committee has strived to nominate a balanced mix of European, Arab and worldwide professionals into the program, so that everyone can learn and benefit from each other. Applications are accepted from candidates around the globe. The course will result in an international network of education management specialists.

Extra-occupational blended learning format: The program takes place in a blended learning format, giving optimal conditions for developing students’ professional action skills and deepen their theoretical competence. This means that students study mostly from their home country. While students come together during attendance phases in Ludwigsburg and Cairo, the times in-between are filled with supported online learning phases. The program contains a wide share of self-organized learning, project work and individualized tasks. Being a scientific program, also qualifying for the third cycle (e. g. Ph. D.) of the framework of qualifications for the European Higher Curriculum, contents and methods are adjusted to prepare students to develop and perform their own research on the base of current theoretical concepts.

Scientific and generic competences: Both, generic international management competencies for the education sector and well-founded scientific competency enable students to conceive, design, implement, and adapt a substantial process of research and to contribute through original research that extends the international frontiers of knowledge.

Creativeness, reforms, and transfer: Expertise shall be gained to reform education systems internationally. Therefore, INEMA both demands and delivers conceptual, procedural, and analytic thinking as well as creativeness when it comes to reforming and rebuilding of new and innovate changes in education systems. Decision-making is based on analysis, reasoning and development of complex education structures. Part of an essential and deepened knowledge of scientific work is the handling of statistical data material and evaluation of the findings of scientific studies. Generic knowledge and competencies in the fields of strategic management and the management of change processes and quality render possibilities to develop the education sectors. Transferable knowledge and applicable decision-making processes enable our students to perform research-based innovation in a cross-cultural context. Students are expected to be able to deal with the high demands concerning networked and cross-linked education systems.

Key future competencies: The program takes new and innovative aspects of management and science into consideration and focus, being meaningful in both national and international surroundings. INEMA enables students to take over responsibilities in international teams and projects and to transfer their knowledge and scientific backgrounds into practical problems. Key competencies for application and research are continually updated since they are having even more meaning in the future for the students’ ability to develop their skills continuously and self-directed in the sense of life-long, self-directed, and autonomous learning.

High demand for our students: INEMA thereby addresses students in the field of education systems, development cooperation and education institutions facing a substantial and growing demand on labor market and in governance and administration.

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nur Wintersemester

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15.10.2018 - 01.02.2019
Bewerbungsfrist für Fächer mit Zulassungsbeschränkung
01.06.2018 - 15.07.2018
M.A. Kulturwissenschaft 1. Mai bis 31. Mai, M.A. Bildungsmanagement, M.A. Kulturelle Bildung: 1. Mai bis 15. Juni 2018
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01.06.2018 - 15.07.2018
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01.06.2018 - 15.07.2018
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01.06.2018 - 15.07.2018
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20.07.2018 - 10.08.2018
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alle grundständigen Studiengänge sind zulassungsbeschränkt
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Aufnahmeprüfungen für Kunst und Musik: 01.06.2018; Sport: 15.05.2018


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