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Entrepreneurship, Master of Arts

Studienort, Standort
Master of Arts
Master of Arts
Foundations for Your Entrepreneurial Independence ? You want to be your own boss? Create your own business? ? You have a smart business idea and want to bring it to the market? ? You need support in overcoming the hurdles of administration, law, and regulations, as well as financial and marketing challenges? \ Here we have the perfect start-up program for you! Study both the theoretical foundations of business modeling and strategy while developing and realizing your entrepreneurial vision in parallel. Find experts, partners and lecturers who provide guidance based on their extensive experiences from practice and industry. The Entrepreneurship Master program is oriented towards individuals who plan to found a company, who are already in the process of incorporation, or who are striving towards a position which encompasses entrepreneurial or innovation-focused tasks (e.g. venture-capital organization, incorporation consulting, incubating, etc.) The degree program aims to convey subject-specific knowledge that is required for founding of a company and prepares the student to establish a business on market for the long-term perspective. Students acquire skills in business administration, law, and information systems, all of which enabling them to master tasks along the domains of ? Organization and Management (1st semester) ? Development of Business Models (2nd semester) ? Founding of Companies (3rd semester) With a degree from SRH Hochschule Berlin graduate will be able to establish themselves on the market and foster their entrepreneurial success. Primary Program Objectives: - Students gain the ability to become entrepreneurially engaged, e.g. developing an own idea, identify opportunities, devise a business plan and realize it. - Founding a company, creating a business unit within a company, acting as stakeholder within a company - Expansion of the individual network is actively supported. - transfer of knowledge from research towards instruction and business practice \ \ Your career perspectives \ This program specifically caters to the preparatory needs of ? Company Founders ? Entrepreneurs in Company, e.g. involved in international expansion ? Corporate Successors ? Freelancers in cooperation agreements with SMEs who seek independence ? Young Founders undergoing the foundation phase of their business ? Economy Promoters and managers for regional development ? Independent Consultants \ Students receive Incorporation-coaching through university professors and experts from industry throughout their studies. In conjunction with the university career service, mentors from the industry and practice furthermore provide guidance for student questions and ideas within the scope of a mentoring program.
4 Semester
Duales Studium; Internationaler Studiengang; Praxisintegrierend; Vollzeitstudium
Anmerkungen zum Studiengang
For students who plan to start or are in the process of founding a new company. The programme prepares for the successful promotion of the business in international markets.

Studienfeld(er) / Schwerpunkt(e)

Unternehmensmanagement, Organisationsmanagement; Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Ökonomie
Entrepreneurship; Gründung; Innovationsmanagement; Start-up; Startup; Unternehmensgründung

Zugangs- und Zulassungsvoraussetzungen

Keine Zulassungsbeschränkung, ohne NC
nur Wintersemester
Weitere Informationen zu Zugangs- und Zulassungsbedingungen
- Prerequisite for admission to the Master's program is a Bachelor's, diploma or equivalent academic degree.

- All non-native English speakers must submit proof of sufficient English language skills.

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Anmerkung zum Studienbeitrag
Gebühren für Studienstart Wintersemester 2018/19. Änderungen für Wintersemester 2019/20 vorbehalten.

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Wintersemester: September/Oktober - Januar, Sommersemester: Februar/März - Juli
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