The international degree programme “Ship Management” at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen is a full-time study programme. The curriculum covers the provisions of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) to gain a Certificate of Competence as nautical Officer of The Watch.
The course contains also the theory for the STCW Management Level and qualifies to sail as Chief Officer or Master after the required sea service times.

Students will acquire core competencies in many topics as:
• Navigation, Ship‘s Command
• Maneouvering, Shiphandling
• Cargo Handling, Ship‘s Stability
• Maritime Safety and Security
• Marine Engineering and IT
• Maritime Economics and Law
• Maritime Communication

Graduates of the international degree program „Ship Management (Nautical Studies)” (ISMN) with a seagoing experience of a minimum of 12 months (e.g. by completed apprenticeship as ships mechanic or traineeship as assistant nautical officer) are qualified to directly engage in gainful employment as nautical officers on board of a
seagoing ship. A nautical officer conducts the navigational watch but is also responsible for other areas related to the operation (e.g. cargo operations, maintenance, safety and security) of the ship. After three years work experience as watchkeeping officer graduates may apply for the Master Mariner’s certificate of competency at the responsible authority.

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