In the age of digitization with current application areas such as connected and autonomous driving or Industry 4.0, the discipline of electronics is essential. The tight integration with computer science, which is the only way to develop complex, usually highly interactive systems, currently provides the breeding ground for more than 80% of innovations in application domains such as transport, medicine, telecommunications, automation, and smart home. Electronics is one of the most important disciplines in industry and business. Electronic engineers trained in Germany enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.

A major goal of the "Electronic Engineering" bachelor program is to prepare you for your professional work as an electronic engineer and the involved current and future challenges. In order to achieve this objective, the program not only promotes a close interrelation of the topics of electronics and computer science, but also provides a holistic understanding of system development. This allows you to apply standardized modeling techniques to develop complex systems in an interdisciplinary manner and enables you to create design models with common tools and implement them, for example, using 3D printing technologies

Quelle: Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt - Campus Hamm vom 29.10.2018

  • Studienfeld(er)
    Informationstechnik; Ingenieurinformatik; Künstliche Intelligenz
  • Schwerpunkt(e)
    Autonomous Systems; Embedded Electronic Engineering
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