In this master’s program, you will analyze how the European Union and East Asia, mainly China, adapt to often disruptive and transformative economic and political changes. The European integration experience, EU decision-making and key policy fields such as economic, security and environmental policies are studied and compared with institutions, policy-making and forms of regional cooperation in East Asia.

This Master introduces you to a variety of theoretical perspectives, mainly from political science, and equips you with strong analytical skills. These skills will be applied to deal with real-life problems through decision-making simulations and policy-oriented case studies.

Our Master program’s strong focus on practical policy issues, field trips to European institutions, and an optional internship prepare you for a career in sub-national or national governments in Europe or East Asia, in EU institutions or EU related organizations, in interest groups, in private companies or non-profit organizations dealing with issues of European and East Asian governance and policies.

The master’s program „European and East Asian Governance“ is a two-year full-time program consisting of 10 modules, including an optional 8-week internship.

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281.05 EUR / Semester
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