In the course of the transnationalization of social problems in the globalized world, the importance of human rights as a strong instrument in the field of social work becomes more significant. Through the Master's program "Social Work as a Human Rights Profession" you will gain, develop and improve a general professional self-conception and receive a science-based theory of action, intervention as well as a solid inside of principle of profession’s code of ethic: all in relation to social work as a discipline and profession.

The course of study will be of most interest to individuals who are professionally active or have an academic interest in social work or in an area related to human rights. Social work and human rights are frequently encountered when working with vulnerable groups such as children or migrants respectively when working on issues related to the right to health or to social problems like poverty, social exclusion or discrimination with regard to a person's identity, gender or race.

The program shall give you feasible tools through a hybrid learning experience. The program combines classroom teaching blended with modules on internet-based learning for a profound focus on research. The MA program requires a full-time commitment and personal perseverance from students. Click here to learn more about our curriculum. Almost all other professors are permanent staff members at our partner universities in Sweden, Scotland and Slovenia.

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    You must have an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, e.g. social work, social sciences, law, humanities or cultural sciences, and a minimum of one year of professional or voluntary work experience in a related field. Furthermore, you are expected to demonstrate adequate training in research skills as well as proficiency in English
  • Weitere Informationen zu Zugangs- und Zulassungsbedingungen
    Weitere Informationen zu Zugangs- und Zulassungsbedingungen
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