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published: 10.01.2013

TK eHealth Card (Foto: Techniker Krankenkasse) TK eHealth Card (Foto: Techniker Krankenkasse)

You can’t be without it: Before you are allowed to delve into the depths of education as a student you must provide evidence that you are insured with a health insurance fund. The Techniker Krankenkasse explains what you need to know about health insurance for students.

This is how it works
For your matriculation at the beginning of your studies you must submit evidence of health insurance. If you are insured with the Techniker Krankenkasse you can have your health insurance certification issued by any of the TK branch offices. Then you have nothing to do with the further procedure. The university automatically confirms to the TK that you have registered as a student and that is all. The next insurance certificate is due if you change your university or your health insurance fund.

TK members have the possibility of compiling a student’s certification on their PC and printing it out immediately. Important: In order to be able to use this service it is necessary to register in the members-only section "Meine TK". Here you can print out your Student`s certificate (information in german only).

Insured with your parents?
As a student you can be insured with your parents free of charge up to your 25th birthday. Under certain circumstances for even longer: If you have done national service or alternative civilian service and have interrupted your studies or started later than usual to do so, the family insurance can be extended by exactly this term of service. An extension is also possible for other statutory services (e.g. development service).

Income Thresholds
Insurance through your parents is only possible if your monthly total income does not exceed 365 Euro. State student loans (BaföG), income-related expenses and depreciation amounts do not count towards this. The threshold for persons in marginal employment is 450 Euro.

And if I have to insure myself?
If you can no longer be insured through your parents you must arrange for your own health insurance. If your family is already insured with the TK you can, of course, still remain in the TK insurance. But also a change from another health insurance fund to the TK is no problem. The only condition: You must apply for registration within two weeks.

64,77 Euro. That is the monthly contribution that students have to pay for their health insurance. The amount of the contribution is stipulated uniformly for the whole of the Federal Republic and is based on the state student loan (BaföG) threshold values combined with the average contribution rate of all health insurance funds. In addition a contribution of 12,24 Euro is due monthly for compulsory nursing care insurance. Anyone who is at least 23 years of age and still childless must pay a surcharge of 1.49 Euro into the nursing care insurance. Persons receiving a state student loan (BaföG) can get a subsidy towards his/her contribution.

If if all students pay the same amount for their health insurance – a comparison of the contributions between the various health insurance funds is worth while. At some stage your student days will be over and will be followed by the next phase, your professional life. And then there will be no more uniform contributions.

Payment Methods
Your contributions to your health and nursing care insurance must generally be paid before the start of each semester. A monthly payment is also possible. Condition: You give your health insurance fund a standing order for direct debit. You can revoke this authorisation at any time.

When does compulsory health insurance end?
Not surprisingly: Your compulsory health insurance as a student ends upon completion of your studies. The same usually applies after the end of the 14th semester/half-year term or with the semester in which your 30th birthday falls. However, there are exceptions to this rule: If family or personal reasons justify it, an extension is possible. What constitutes such reasons? For example an illness or the birth of a child and the subsequent care of the children. Also persons gaining entitlement to matriculation via second-chance eduation can apply for extension under certain circumstances. If you are uncertain whether you qualify for such an exception you can ask your nearest TK branch office for advice.

Do you have any further questions? Contact local TK advisers for more information.

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