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published: 02.03.2005


Whether preventive or rehabilitation measures, whether state-of-the-art medical technology or proven natural alternative healing methods: With insurance coverage by the TK you can be sure of being well insured. As a complement to the comprehensive insurance coverage of the statutory health insurance the Techniker Krankenkasse offers advantageous complementary insurance possibilities in cooperation with the ENVIVAS Krankenversicherung AG. Which tariffs are particularly interesting for students? Unikosmos gives you an overview.

This tariff is especially designed to suit the requirements of students, apprentices and young employees. It offers all TK members up to their 30th birthday additional benefits for both in- and out-patient treatment.

The following benefits are included in the "StarterPlus" tariff:

Medical treatment and accommodation in hospital
- Expenses for treatment by the head physician are reimbursed.
- You have a right to reimbursement of expenses for accommodation in a two-bed room.
- If you do without accommodation in a two-bed room or treatment by the head physician, you are entitled to hospital daily benefits of 10 Euro per day.
- By law patients have to pay 10 Euro per day towards the costs of hospital treatment (for a maximum of 28 days during one calendar year). This co-payment is also covered by the "StarterPlus” tariff.

Out-patient operations
- If by having an out-patient operation a stay in hospital can be avoided, you will receive an additional flat-rate benefit of 150 Euro.

Optical aids
- You are entitled to a subsidy for a new pair of glasses or contact lenses. The subsidy amounts to a maximum of 150 Euro within two consecutive calendar years.

Dental protheses, crowns, inlays
- Expenses up to a total of 40 percent are reimbursed, together with the benefit of the TK up to 80 percent of the invoice amount.

Alternative practitioner
- You are entitled to a subsidy of 80 percent of the reimbursable expenses for alternative practitioners (including medicines prescribed by doctors). Up to 1000 Euro are reimbursed within two consecutive calendar years.

Insurance coverage for travel abroad
- A component of the "StarterPlus" tariff is an insurance for travel abroad that is valid for the whole of the world. This also includes transport back to Germany provided that this is a medical necessity.

What does it cost?
The monthly contribution depends on the gender and age of the applicant. Up to the age of 20, men pay 10.77 Euro and women 12.30 Euro. From the age of 21 Euro 17.50 is charged for men and Euro 19.10 for women.

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