Bremen is a large city in northern Germany. The state of Bremen includes not only the city of Bremen but also the city of Bremerhaven. Bremen is therefore a two-city state. The federated state of Bremen is surrounded by Lower Saxony.

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has a long history of trade and seafaring. Today Bremen's harbour, together with the port of Bremerhaven at the mouth of the Weser river, is the second largest port in Germany. While Bremen celebrates its maritime traditions, the city is also a commercial, industrial and cultural hub. From trendy clubs to large-scale discos, Bremen offers a colourful selection of locations for all people who like to party. In addition, the people of Bremen as well as their visitors love the beer from the Becks Brewery which has been around since 1873.

Built between 1405 and 1409, Bremen's Gothic-style town hall is now a World Heritage Site. In1608, the southern front was given a new facade in Renaissance style. The unique ensemble of buildings around Bremen's market square includes the “Schütting" which is the seat of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, and St. Petri Cathedral. Bremen is famous for the “Town Musicians of Bremen”, a well-known folk tale by the Brothers Grimm. There is a statue of the animals featured in the story in front of Bremen's town hall. It is a popular tourist attraction.

Bremen is the smallest federated state and located in the north of Germany. It covers 419 km² and has a population of 680 thousand.

  • 566.573 inhabitants
  • 325 km²
  • 2 student cities
  • 10 universities
  • 317 degree programms
  • Bremen
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    • 546.451 inhabitants
    • 9 universities
    • 487 degree programms
  • Bremerhaven
    (Foto: Bremerhaven von Günter Hentschel lizensiert durch CC BY-ND 2.0)
    • 113.643 inhabitants
    • 1 university
    • 25 degree programms