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Ein möbliertes WG-Zimmer im 1. Stock in einer Villa in der Nähe des Neckars

  • Bezugsfrei
    frei ab 01.06.2021
  • Zimmer-/Wohnfläche
    • Zimmer 28 m2
    • Wohnung 200 m2
  • Mietkosten
    • Gesamtmiete 425 Euro
    • Nebenkosten 125 Euro
  • Die WG
    • In der WG wohnen 1 Frau und 1 Mann
    • Rauchen erlaubt
    • Zimmer-Möblierung vollmöbliert
  • Die Wohnung
  • Beschreibung

    About the room:
    The room is located on the first floor of the villa/house. Having three big windows, the room is bright enough during the day. It is well equipped with all the necessary furniture like a chair, working desk, bed with a mattress, wardrobes, storage cabinets, nightstand, and lamps. This room is suitable for a single person, but if you feel like you want to share the room with a friend, the furniture can be modified for two persons like adding an extra bed, chair, and a working desk. If you are a couple, one bed is big enough for two people.
    The room can be shared among two people by paying few extra charges. The upstairs bathroom is directly next to the room so it is easily accessible. There is an extra refrigerator right outside the rooms that can store extra groceries or beers.

    Buses and Trams:
    - The tram stop of “Wieblingen Mitte” (Tram number 5) is about 5 minutes by walk.
    - Closest bus stops are “Evangelische Kirche” and “Elisabeth-von-Thaden-Platz” (Bus numbers 34 & 35).

    - Rewe: 10 minutes by walk or take bus number 34 and get down at “Grenzhoeffer Weg”.
    - Aldi Sued: 14 minutes by walk. It is near to the above-mentioned Rewe.
    - Netto Filiale: 12 minutes by walk or take bus number 34/ 35 and get down at “Hermann-Treiber-Strasse”.

    About the house:
    The villa/house is located directly by the Neckarwiese river. Apart from the kitchen, laundry room, and living room, there are 5 bedrooms in the house. In just 1 minute, you can walk to the Neckarwiese for a relaxing time by the river. There is a personal heating system in the house using which you can control the temperature of the heater and water. There is a nice personal backyard where you can grill in the summers or just spend a nice time with the other members of the house. The house has a large living room with a big couch and a TV for some fun movie nights or quality time with other house members. There are two bathrooms which are ideal for people living in a shared space. The downstairs bathroom has a toilet and a shower. The upstairs bathroom is having a toilet, a bathtub, and a shower. There is enough space for every member of the house to keep their toiletries in the bathroom and a large mirror. There is a washing machine for common use and a shared Wi-Fi. If you have your own bike or a personal vehicle, you can chip in the rent for the garage for parking. If you are a student of SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, this house is suitable for you as you can get to SRH in 15 minutes by bus/tram and 20 minutes by walk.

    Equipment available in the kitchen:
    Baking oven, a microwave, a refrigerator with a separate freezer, a cooktop with four burners, an electric kettle, a toaster, a dishwasher, and a sandwich grill.

    More information:
    Apart from the room advertised, there is one more room available on the same floor and this other room is the biggest in the house with a balcony, a personal storage room, and a small attached room which also has a single bed in it. This room is also furnished with all the necessary furniture. The room can be rented by a single person or can be shared with another tenant. use the following link for more details of the room: https://www.wg-gesucht.de/8651450.html?ma=1
    If you are a group of 2 to 4 people looking for a commonplace to stay together, there is a possibility to rent both rooms together.
    Feel free to ask any doubts you have or ask for more pictures of the rooms/house.
    For booking a visit, please send a message for confirming the day and time.

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