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2 Bedroom for Rent!

  • Bezugsfrei
  • Mietkosten
    • Gesamtmiete 600 Euro
    • Kaution 600 Euro
  • Die WG
    • Die Wohnung
      • Adresse 96047 Bamberg
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    Willetts Blanche

    I am the owner of the 2bedroom 2 toilet, it is very well furnished, well furnished flat with lots of natural light. Great kitchen to cook a meal, beautiful with seating areas outside, large living room washer/drier near toilet. We are considerate, easygoing and clean so that our home is comfortable and enjoyable.

    The 2bedrooms and almost the entire home has been just been beautified with fresh paint, Air conditional and ceiling fan.

    Safe and convenient, Only 10 minute walk to grocery stores.

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