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WG-Zimmer in Berlin, Parkstraße

  • Bezugsfrei
    frei ab 01.04.2022
  • Zimmer-/Wohnfläche
    • Zimmer 17 m2
  • Mietkosten
    • Gesamtmiete 650 Euro
    • Kaution 600 Euro
  • Die WG
    • Rauchen nicht erlaubt
    • Zimmer-Möblierung vollmöbliert
  • Die Wohnung
  • Beschreibung

    It's a 1-room-guest space in a three-room apartment.
    It is maximum possible to book it for 3 months. Suitable for one person. One room in this beautiful flat is my office. My art-agent comes time to time from London. He is the main tenant. You will see me on a daily basis for questions or chatty moments.

    The Room: is in a charming old fashion building.
    This room is backside located and very quiet & peaceful.
    We have a second room in spare which can be used as a living room only if you wish to have both rooms.
    Please see here in the Text below.
    The lake just around the corner.

    We also have a 2nd room that we offer in a separate advertisement.
    Please see: Nikita room (vegetarian) here at housing anywhere.
    This room is front side located and bit alive because of the street,
    but the double windows muffles the noise.

    Also, we wish to provide good and deep sleep.
    Both of the rooms are furnish with very comfortable newish mattresses.

    KITCHEN-LOUNGE: happily cooking on gas. /// small fridge /// no oven.
    IMPORTANT for us: Meat preparation/storage unwanted.

    The monthly rental payment includes:
    Organic teas, organic great espresso, organic oils and herbs, laundry supplies.
    We have a cleaning service!

    You will have your own key. You will have your own Bicycle!

    **** No stay overs of other people ****
    **** Suitable for for one person ****
    **** SCHUFA (jetzt beantragen) needed plus 1 month deposit ****
    **** Without SCHUFA (jetzt beantragen) 3 month deposit ****
    **** No registration possible! ****
    **** ID/Copy needed ****

    - The Room is in a charming old fashion building.
    - The lake just around the corner.
    - From Alexanderplatz to Antonplatz in about 17 min
    - From Antonplatz you have a beautiful 10 min. AND YOU ARE AT HOME
    - Two Organic Stores at Antonplatz
    - ATM´s at Antonplatz
    - Post office and copy shop at Antonplatz

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