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Looking for a small apartment in Berlin

  • Bezugsfrei
    frei bis 30.06.2022
  • Mietkosten
    • Gesamtmiete 750 Euro
  • Die WG
    • Die Wohnung
      • Adresse any Berlin
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    Arno Crab (employee)

    I am interested in renting the apartment. I am a Belgian-Hungarian citizen and 25 years old. I arrived to Berlin from Hungary in the mid of September and started to work as an employee from first of October. As I need an Anmeldung please let me know whether you can provide it or not. I can send my employment contract.
    I would like to move immediately or as soon as possible. May I visit the apartment after 6 pm during the week and at the week-end? My E-mail address: [email protected]
    Kind regards,
    Arno Crab

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