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WG-Zimmer in Hamburg, Hertogestraße

  • Bezugsfrei
    frei ab 15.01.2022
  • Zimmer-/Wohnfläche
    • Zimmer 13.97 m2
  • Mietkosten
    • Gesamtmiete 650 Euro
  • Die WG
    • Rauchen limited
    • Zimmer-Möblierung vollmöbliert
  • Die Wohnung
  • Beschreibung

    Hi there,

    I am renting out a nice furnished, 13,97m2 room in my flat.
    The Bed is metal, but it doesn't squeak. It's 120x200cm.

    The flat is located in a quieter street, next to a Park.

    Supermarkets, pharmacies and other amenitys are nearby.

    You only need 20 minutes to the main train station.

    The house is in good order throughout with double glazed windows and heat insulation. So you don't have to fear for drafts.

    Here in this house the local residents tend to stick mainly to the houserules and so do I.

    The Kitchen is filled with multiple devices that help to prepare food, you can even get a fresh brewed coffee in the morning.

    Also the spicerack and the oils are free to use. Nearly all is organic and/or fair trade.

    Smoking unfortunately is only allowed on the balcony.

    You don't have to worry about the cleaning of the shared areas, just leave the rooms in a decent state.

    There are Bluetooth Boxes in the kitchen and in the Bathroom.

    Even though there's an old tv in the living room, it's not connected to anything. But if you have something to connect it to, then go for it. Use it.

    Stuff like toiletpaper and laundry detergent will be filled up by me.

    If you have any further questions just text me. If you are interested in the room, please tell me a little about yourself. Who you are and what you do and stuff. A foto would be nice, too.

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